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Fiercely Curious: Technology as Hands

Technology As Hands is an exploration of how artists and makers utilize technology in the creation of their work.

Oct 23-30th Sky Gallery, 460 Union St Gowanus

  • Oct 23rd - Opening Reception - RSVP Here
  • Oct 25th - Distant Early Warning: Readings on Writing and Technology, Brooklyn Writers Space - RSVP Here
  • Oct 26th - Yoga, Running, Drinks Party by Only Atoms - RSVP Here
  • Oct 30th - Closing Reception - RSVP Here

The hand-made movement has often rejected technology relying on traditional tools, techniques and skills in the creation of their unique works. However, the modern artist and maker has proven to embrace technology in many ways - self taught techniques learned via YouTube, Google as a source of research and inspiration, digital photography and computer manipulations, CNC machines in woodworking and artists who have fully embraced coding and hardware to control their works and video content. Meanwhile, the omnipresent usage of social media in all its forms has created a platform in which the artist and maker can engage directly with their audience.

These factors have become the impetus of this show's theme where you will see how each of the artists and makers have embraced the challenge of creating new bodies of work where they can demonstrate that technology has been utilized in the creation of their pieces.

You will often find that some artists have chosen to confront the negative effects of technology reflecting on what quickly becomes obsolete and is left behind as waste or discarded as we constantly seek the new and improved.

Over the next few months we will be aggregating via Instagram imagery of each of the artists and makers processes of the creation of their work for this show. We have developed this site to document their process so that you may not only enjoy the final works on display October 23rd - 30th, but you may also be witness to the developmental process of these works showcasing how technology enhances our communication of these makers stories to you, our audience.

Follow their development on Instagram here: #technologyashands

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